Sunday, March 27, 2016

Expanded new edition of COLUMBINE

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The tragedies keep coming. As we reel from the latest horror . . .

That's how I began the epilogue to this expanded new edition of Columbine.

After 17 years covering Columbine, I stepped back to consider how it created a new template for nearly two decades of “spectacle murders.” But it is a false script, seized upon by a generation of new killers. (See below.) In the wake of Newtown, Aurora and Virginia Tech, the imperative to understand the crime that sparked this plague grows more urgent every year.

So we are publishing this expanded edition, with over 30 pages of new material (50 since the hardcover.) It features a wealth of additional scans of the killers' writing and drawings, and an excerpt from the Columbine Teacher's Guide, which I'm offering free to teachers. All ebook formats include the new material (Kindle, Nook, etc.).

As of March 27, 2016, The new edition is shipping from Amazon, and has reached most physical stores. All ebook formats come with the new version. (At physical stores, look for the modified cover pictured here, with the dog-eared top corner. If your bookstore has the old one, ask them to order another copy, and they'll receive the new one.)

Please post a selfie with it and tag me if you get a new copy. Thanks. 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Sue Klebold piece in Vanity Fair

Sorry, I was negligent in posting a link to this. It's been a few week though, and the impact has been settling in. I actually had to pull back from everything Columbine-related after this, because it sent me over the brink into depression again, so I pulled back.

I've not been allowed to read the book yet, except for a short bit, but I was impressed so far. I hope you like the Vanity Fair piece: Columbine Mother Sue Klebold’s First TV Interview Was a Startling Look at the Parent of a Mass Shooter.

And here is info on the new expanded version of my book Columbine