Sunday, September 20, 2015

Why Are Some Evangelicals So Angry?

"Why Are Some Evangelicals So Angry?" That's the title of my new piece up at The Daily Beast.

It's a follow-up to my New Republic piece re-debunking the Columbine martyr myth, restarted by Rick Santorum in the presidential debate Wednesday.

In the new piece, I widen out to look at what's really going on here.

Why does this all matter so much to some Evangelicals? What's the deeper anger about? What's really going on here?

Santorum was bemoaning what he saw, correctly, as the massive difference in social attitudes over the past 16 years. But to understand his/their perspective, I take you back to the period where I did a full-immersion in the Evangelical community after Columbine (enrolling in bible study at Cassie Bernall's church, etc.)

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