Thursday, September 17, 2015

Santorum and the persistent Columbine Myth of 'Martyr' Cassie Bernall

Rick Santorum put me to work tonight, cranking out this New Republic piece on the Columbine Martyr Myth (Cassie Bernall).

I thought we put that myth to bed 16 years ago, but it just keeps resurfacing. My twitter feed exploded tonight when Santorum dredged it up in the presidential undercard debate.

A taste of the piece:
Like most of the Columbine myths, the martyr story gained traction because it was based on a kernel of truth. A young girl did profess her faith in God at gunpoint, but she lived to tell about it. Her name is Valeen ... 
Read the rest at: Santorum & the Columbine Martyr Cassie Bernall Myth   

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