Saturday, December 17, 2011

Autographed Columbine books

Many of you have been asking about autographed copies of the book. I just signed a dozen copies of Columbine at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in NYC.

They will ship virtually anywhere domestic or international.

Call this number to purchase/ship, and let them know that I signed all their copies on hand Friday night:


The BN people assured me it would go smoothly, but if you should have any problem, shoot me an email and I'll straighten it out to make sure others are OK. Thanks.

BTW, I was happy to discover that B&N's flagship store had a stack of Columbine on the "Non-Fiction Favorites" table at the front of the store. Here's how it looked (after she put the autographed stickers on):


  1. Hello. I just happened upon your blog, doing a search.
    My baby brother is a survivor and was shot at by Dylan Klebold.( thank God he missed that time.) I have said for your years how grossly misdirected the story was to the outside world.
    The desire to categorize everyone and ratchet in a reason was numbing.
    I experienced young people responding with resilience and grace after the pure evil they witnessed. That is the most untold part of the whole event.
    I have not read your book but appreciate the summary I read above, I will look for it.
    Thanks for your dedication to looking deeper, it needs redemptive stories.

  2. Thanks, Mel. That had to be awful to live through.

    I saw a lot of grace and resilience, too. I focused on a handful of stories, so that the reader could get a sense of knowing those people intimately.

    I hope you like the book. Let me know what you think.


  3. so maybe if I send my book to you, you might sign it and send it back!! Never even thought of that but would love it if you would! Lori C. one of your biggest fans!!

  4. Thanks very much, Lori C. I wish I could do that, but logistically, I can't make that work. (I'm kind of overwhelmed and I've tried in the past and the books just pile up. I'm not good at that sort of thing.)

  5. no worries, still your biggest fan! lol