Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back out to high schools about Columbine this week

I'm off to LaGuardia for a great week of high school visits about Columbine in Chicago and St. Louis areas. Free Columbine Teacher's Guide here.

I'm also doing the Tucson Book Festival a week from Saturday, a panel titled 'Bringing Meaning out of Meaninglessness: How Literature Can Respond to the January 8th Shootings.' Sat 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM. Chemistry - Room 111

More soon, and watch my facebook page for updates and pix.

Here's a pic from my assembly at Hersey High last year:


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  2. I have a question and wasn't sure where to ask. I just started reading "Columbine" and Dave Cullen says, "It would be the worst school shooting in American history..." What about the Bath shootings in 1927?

  3. Hi Mark. My Columbine facebook page is best for most questions, but here is OK too:

    Bath was a bombing. I don't think he shot anyone:


  4. Thank you for the quick reply and for clearing that up. Great book so far!