Thursday, February 10, 2011

Raising my shoes at Mubarak in solidarity with crowd in Tahrir

 Mubarak's speech was unbelievable—and endless. An endless, whiny, incoherent speech casting himself as martyr and refusing to leave. The oddest part was the translator, who kept groaning audibly, and sounding terribly annoyed. I've never heard anything like that. He was channeling my emotions precisely.

How infuriating it must have been to watch it in Tahrir. The protesters are raising their shoes at him, their ultimate insult. I'm raising mine, too.
Wish I could do more.

The crowd is enraged, apparently marching on palace (but that's 5 miles away).

NY Times story here. 


  1. Spotted you on a ReTweet from @liprap

    Actually, they are marching to a military base right now, much closer and perhaps more... efficient.

    I've got my shoes off.

    Thanks yous,
    Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

  2. Nice solidarity, I dig it. Most frustrating thing sometimes is watching it all unfold and unable to do anything about it. Hold your shoes high! (PS- I think that looks so much nicer than a middle finger up, I kinda dig it).

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