Sunday, February 20, 2011

I lost the five pounds. More, please

Back in January, I posted about New Years Resolutionaries and my goal to lose five pounds, the slow way. (A pound every week or two.)

Damn. It's still the best approach, I think, but I'm restless. I'm down from a peak of about 194 right after Christmas, to 188 now, so I've lost the five, plus one, in eight weeks. OK, so maybe I needed to lose ten or fifteen. Haha.

Seriously. First, my waist is not where I wanted it to be. It has crept down from an even 36 to an even 35, but I think it needs to be 34. All of this is tricky though, since I'm also working out more, trying to pack on muscle. (And I've started an abs class twice a week, which also hits obliques and lower back, and I think I'm working against the tape measure.)

And I have to confess, I do not like this slow bit.
I mean I like that I'm not starving all the time—not ever—but it feels glacial. Two months has felt like forever to make a very modest improvement. I want to look ripped now!

Not going to happen, though. I do feel good that just by being really good about what I eat, and consistent at the gym, I can have my sixpack back well before beach season.

I discovered green tea last week, BTW. (Discovered = I finally listened.) Damn if it doesn't give me more energy, and it's supposed to be packed with anti-oxidants. I added mixed frozen berries to them in the morning, too. They're quite cheap that way, and convenient. Supposedly ultra good for you.

It's coming along. I hope your plan is.

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