Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Great report, and historical perspective on Egypt

I'm getting more cardio done the past week, because I can't pull myself away from the Cairo TV feeds on the elliptical.

I have been tweeting the best print pieces I've seen, and here is one of my favorites, just up on Slate:

We Are Making Our Future

A dispatch from the massive protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

Hend is walking slowly, one halting step at a time. The 79-year-old pauses to rest on a raised curb across from two burned-out state security trucks and the looted headquarters of Egypt's ruling National Democratic Party. The streets surrounding Cairo's central square are closed to cars, and getting to the massive gathering in Midan Tahrir is taking a lot of energy, but Hend is unwavering. After five minutes, she gets up and starts shuffling forward again.

This is Hend's second time protesting. The first was in 1952, when the Egyptians overthrew the British.
That is some perspective, huh? It goes on with many other points of view, vividly rendered.

Update, 4 p.m.:

I'm watching Mubarek speak live. He's whining and blaming everyone else. Totally tone deaf.

And if he's honest in turning over power, what is the point of clinging to office for a few more months?

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