Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We interrupt this diet . . .

The diet is going well. Generally.

But the other half of this chicken is currently hanging in my intestinal tract.

I started the diet right after Christmas, after inhaling an entire jumbo bag of Lays potato chips within the first half hour of arriving at my brother's for Christmas Eve. (It's my favorite comfort food. And joining the family is very high stress.)

It's a low-key diet, which has worked well for me in the past. Just a few basics:

  • Very few white carbs
  • Extra veggies at every meal (I didn't set a number this time. Last time I did it, I went for ten servings of fruits/veggies a day, which is hard)
  • Cut back on the take-out food. I was doing it as a reward after each gym workout, but I've cut back to just once a week.
  • 4-5 gym workouts a week, including 20-30 minutes of the dreaded cardio at least two of those.
I'm just looking to lose five pounds of fat over six to eight weeks, and add a little muscle. Then maybe a few more pounds after that if I'm happy with it. Seems pretty doable.

And it's been going well, but I've started feeling a bit deprived, and mostly just bored with my limited rotation, since I'm making nearly all the food myself now. (Way too many sandwiches.)

So tonight for second lunch, I roasted a chicken. Mmmmmm. That's the half I didn't eat. And no, the lack of skin doesn't mean I removed that, it means I ate it. Double mmm.

Now I am kind of bloated. That's OK. I needed a good pig-out.

And it was healthy stuff, mostly. That's a couple pounds of onion and celery I chopped up and roasted with it, only using olive oil, and fresh potatoes I boiled, and ate with nothing on them. (They're tasty as they are.) I also steamed a huge pile of broccoli, also eaten as is.

All very tasty. Just a lot of it. But I feel full!

You need some of those on a successful diet, I think. Any time a diet is starting to wear me out and turns into a fight, I pull back a little. As long as life stays happy on it, I'll stay with it. I'd rather lose a pound a week or half that and then keep living that way than sprint toward a quick loss and put it right back.

And I'm headed to abs class and the elliptical in an hour to work some of it off. I'm not sure I love abs class yet. Lots of lower back stuff that I can't do for shit. (Mixed with some abs stuff, where I'm maybe the best in the class. The instructor gives me peculiar looks sometimes. Like why do I oscillate between being an A and F student? Haha. He'll figure it out.)


  1. Caroline in BaltimoreJanuary 20, 2011 at 4:18 PM

    Good for you, Dave! A few years ago I wanted to lose about 20 pounds and did that easily--and painlessly!--on Weight Watchers. You have the right idea by upping your vegetable intake and not rewarding yourself with take-out after your workouts. :D Best of luck!

  2. Plus, men definitely need protein/meat. The chicken was FINE. Don't obsess.