Friday, January 21, 2011

Teachers: Dates open in my March school tour: Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee

I'm doing a mini-tour of schools six weeks from now, and am open to adding more high schools or colleges.

Please pass this on to teachers, professors principals, etc.  

Thanks for helping me get the word out.


  • Where: metro Chicago, St. Louis, and possibly Milwaukee
  • When: Feb 28-Mar 4
  • What: Usually a one-period presentation with Q&A, usually to the whole school or half school. This is flexible.*
  • Cost: There is some cost, but I'm trying to keep it really reasonable by doing several schools on one trip.
* There is a lot of flexibility on this. We can do your normal class period, or one hour, or longer.

Topics: This is also very flexible, but I normally talk about a mix of:
  • The four major types of shooters--what we can learn from these tragedies, and how to prevent them.
  • Overview of the Columbine tragedy and what we can learn from it.
  •  The psychology of the two very different Columbine killers.
  • Teen depression.
  • Overcoming adversity. (There are amazing stories of kids who lived through it and made stunning physical/emotional recoveries.) 
  • Writing, the writing process, and the road to a writing life for students.

My booking agent is dealing with an illness, so at this time, email me directly if you're interested: dave at

The picture up top is at Cosby High near Richmond. I ended up speaking to them for two hours, which is quite unusual.

The picture below is from the Richmond Times Dispatch. The photo was taken a few minutes after the session, when I sat down on the edge of the stage to chat with students who still had questions. 

More info here.

We also created a Columbine Instructor Guide which is available online free of charge.

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