Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So tired of murder

I'm not sure how that post title will come across. I hope it doesn't trivialize murder, or make it seem to all about me. I'm just being honest.

We have been dwelling on murder for over a week now nationally, and I'd spent way too much time on the subject already. I feel like I've taken way too much in, and exceeded my limit. I might not be done yet, though. I've got to decide how long to continue writing about it.

But I'm ready for a break. So for something completely different . . .

A few interesting things I stumbled upon this week:

Five Fonts We Never Want to Read Again, from Flavorwire.

They start with papyrus, but apparently, Comic Sans is the most reviled. (But not even interesting enough for me to show.)

I found it from a witty column on hideous fonts by Salon's wonderful Laura Miller

And the top five led me to this interesting collection of 10 Memorable One-Actor Movies and this screenshot of  the first page of the Doves Press Bible:

Ain't the web great?

And all of it, murder-free.


  1. this is pretty fantastic. and put me in a great mood (i am a graphic designer as well and love to see the horrible and the best in typography).

    also, i've been starting on your book "columbine". really hardened, sad stuff, but brilliantly written. thank you for spending so much of your life on this book. it's helped me go back to that situation, and where i was in high school; an angsty kid who got picked on, pretty much every year of my life... when the columbine shooting happened i was shocked that people were shocked. but going back to it, helped me remind how i coped with things and how i used it to grow more into a mature adult very early on.

    you're a very talented writer. thanks for blessing my life this week.

  2. hey, anon. thanks for that comment. what a nice ray of sunshine for my week.

    i had a rough high school, too, and studying dylan in particular took me right back there. his situation was very different than mine in a lot of ways, but we had much in common, and so did many of the kids i was close to in HS. it helped. i'm glad the book is helping you.