Monday, January 3, 2011

Evolution of a garbage storm: A week in pictures on the UWS of NY

Rising, slowly, from the snow . . . Garbage.

The blizzard struck eight days ago, hitting hard and fast. We overcame that pretty quickly. The garbage has risen gradually.

The last five days in pictures:

The first piles were apparently planted before the storm. By Wednesday night, December 29, they were already coming free.

72nd St., near West End Ave.


Friday, West End Ave, near 72nd St.:

All sanitation workers were diverted to plow-related activity. Garbage collection was suspended indefinitely.

The mounds grew. It didn't smell, though, at least to my weak olfactory sense. The cold kept down the rot.

An hour ago (Monday, Jan. 3, around 5 pm), 71st St., near West End Ave.

Accumulation subsided over the weekend, at least in my neighborhood. It must be overtaking a lot of basements, but the walkways are still clear. Just modest rows, beside the parked cars.

The city announced it was restarting trash removal today, but they have not gotten to my neighborhood yet. Recycling bags are still on hold.

It's not the most beautiful sight, but not so bad. Interesting to observe.


Monday night, January 3, a few hours after the original post, 72nd St., near Broadway--not far from West End Ave. They've got more of it on the big streets.

It's over her head.

Tuesday noon update:

72nd St., in the daylight.

71st, near West End. Suddenly higher on the side streets. Preparing for the pick-up, presumably:


I like how they're building walls out of it. New frontiers in modern terracing.


  1. As one of your Colorado readers, I find this fascinating.

  2. Thanks, Jude. I thought it might be more interesting to people NOT here.