Monday, December 20, 2010

Your links are helping: My Columbine video on track for 100K hits

Thanks for all the links to my Columbine intro video. It just passed 25,000 views since the relaunch. 

You have made all the difference in getting the word out on Columbine. (Despite 13 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, most people still don't know a book on Columbine exists.)

The video is now in the top 5 for key youtube and google searches, and on track for over 100,000 hits per year. That means people interested in the subject are finding it. Thanks.

To link, preferably use anchor text Columbine shooting (or just Columbine). Embeds are even better. (Much.) Or just click and give it a thumbs-up or favorite.

You might also consider Columbine as a $10 Christmas gift. (People just want a great read.)

More ideas on spreading the word. And if you never wrote an Amazon review, they still help. And I'm skyping again with schools and book clubs. Let a teacher or student near you know.

Also see Columbine Student Guide, Columbine Teacher's Guide, and Columbine research site.


  1. I talked up Columbine on my book blog back in October after I finished reading it.

  2. I'm listening to Columbine on audio book. It's hard to listen to at times, just so sad. I teach at a high school and have wondered many times, could that ever happen here? What was so different about Columbine High? What could the teachers do to prevent this rage? Didn't they see the depression, in Dylan at least?

    I appreciate the compassion with which you wrote the chapters. My heart goes out to ALL the parents and family and friends of those who were impacted. Never again. I hope.