Thursday, December 23, 2010

Venturing out to Macy's

I stepped into a NYC department store yesterday.

I've visited the city maybe a dozen times, and lived here six months, but yeah, that was my first. I don't enjoy shopping.

But damn, we spent most of the afternoon. 

It was maybe not the best day for it. Way too many people, kind of a mess moving about in the aisles, but not so bad in the men's area. The store was packed, but fitting rooms deserted. Nobody seemed to be shopping for themselves. Haha. Just me.

I hadn't bought any new clothes since last Boxing Day, and gave away 3/4 of my closet when I moved, so I needed a few things.

I brought a gay friend, who enjoyed dressing me, and was qualified to authorize wardrobe selections. (I'm not. Not that flavor of gayboy.)

They have a lot of stuff there!

And it happened to be a one-day sale. This coat was half-off for the day, plus 20% for opening a Macy's charge. It cost me $50. Nice.

Thanks for all the encouragment on Facebook to plunk down the cash. Good advice.

I decided a winter coat in NYC is pretty essential. I'd gotten by so far with a loaner wool jacket on top of a fleece. This is better. And I like it. 
Plus I got a great deal on luggage for my nephew in college. (Don't tell him.) And underwear.

And some clothes for my buddy, though I was not much help.

The surprising part about Facebook was posting the window-display pic and having all sorts of people ask me how it compared to the old Marshall Field in Chicago (my hometown), which Macy's swallowed up.

Um. I don't pay attention to stores. This one was taller, I think. Nine stories--I know because luggage was on the top floor, and we had to ride the jammed elevator.

The window had a whole moving show that told a story, I'm told, but I don't get the appeal and didn't watch. I hope it looks pretty to some people, though.

It was dark out when we came out. Then on to my traditional Christmas shopping--at bookstores!

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  1. I'll always remember Macy's at Harold's Square as the place I saw my first drag queen.