Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trying to get home

Penn Station, about an hour ago. Everybody trying to get home.

I was just passing through on my way home from the gym.

I love that. I would have taken a field trip to see glimpses of humanity like that. Now I see it on my brief commute home.

I gazed up at one of my favorite buildings while I walked the ten blocks to grab the express train. The Empire State Building. (I have a good story on that one of these days.

There's a local stop right outside my gym, but sometimes I really enjoy the walk. Tonight I really did.

I passed by a bookstore and popped in to see if they still carried my book. I like to keep their copies signed.

I was disappointed. Nothing in the nonfiction section. Three copies of Helter Skelter decades later, but Columbine is apparently finished.

Just in case, I asked the manager.

"Oh yes!" he said. "We are selling one and two every day."

They had a small stack face up on the bestseller table, on the first row, out front. Oh. Nice.

I signed them. I pictured someone coming through tomorrow, maybe about to board a train to Boston or Baltimore, still hunting for a last Christmas present for someone hard to buy for and thinking, "Hey, an autographed copy! He'll love that."

I hope so. The manager said come back Monday and they would have a new stack.

Have a nice holiday everyone kind enough to read this blog. If you're traveling this week, I hope you arrive safely, and return satisfied.

I fly into O'Hare Friday, to visit my family in Elk Grove Village. (Stalkers, take note. Haha.) That will be nice. But I've lived in about fifteen cities on three continents so far, and before New York City, I never ever found a place that feels this much like home.


  1. Ah, that's my dream. I do find my books places, but not consistently. Congrats!

  2. Caroline in BaltimoreDecember 21, 2010 at 11:09 PM

    How nice you autograph copies regularly! Just want to say I really enjoy your blog; it's the only one I read regularly, and I really like how candid and personable you come across. Have a relaxing Christmas with your family. :D

  3. Hey Mary. It's frustrating when they're not there, huh? I continue to torture myself in airports--where it's usually in the big stores, but never in the small ones.

    I was relieved last fall to see that everyone stresses about it. I met Po Bronson at the LA Book Fest, and then ran into him at LAX and we had a beer. (He's a REALLY nice guy. And really smart.) We passed a bookstore and I said I'd already been in there to sign my copies. He said he never did that anymore: too painful when they didn't have it. He's had more than one #1 bestseller. It was comforting to know it never changes.

  4. Caroline, it's so nice to hear you say that. I sometimes wonder whether anyone is reading, or what they think. That is really nice to hear.

    I'm driven to just spill whatever it is I'm feeling.