Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trekking in through the blizzard, in pictures

It took three days to get back to New York City through the blizzard. That was no fun, especially my Kafka experience all day Sunday.

But I actually enjoyed the mini-adventure yesterday. Here it is, through my iPhone lens, as I responded to it on Facebook at the time (with a few edits):

 9:30 a.m. LaGuardia. Back in Nyc. Yea!

I'm home; they wait.  

My second look out the window. I stepped back and saw it a bit differently.

 On the slo-bus thru Queens. Could have walked to Manhattan faster.

The woman sitting next to me says she got to the bus stop during early rush hour, and when it arrived, late, it was too packed to get on. It was a two-hour wait for the next one. 

I was much luckier. The bus pulled up at LGA two minutes after I arrived. I was hoping for the M60, but this one was supposed to get to a subway, too, so I hopped on.

The busdriver let us off mid-block. Outpacing her on foot. The street is just snarled because it's too narrow with the abandoned cars and piled snow.
 Same guys, from subway platform above.

It looks like they have been at it a long time. Almost done.
 Same scene, a little wider. That's the street where my bus sat for 5-10 minutes per block.
 Manhattan in sight! Yea!

We're making good time on the subway. The 7 line is running fine. This is from inside the subway car, near the Queensboro bridge. I will take it all the way to Times Square. Hopefully the 123 is running from there.

That's my last connection, then I'm home.
The Upper West Side. 72nd & Broadway.

Just a short walk left. I'm really enjoying this little trek.

Home! Writing this from inside my little apt on the UWS. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Once I got here, I realized it wasn't really all that bad, and I was one of the lucky ones on one of the first planes in.

Yeah, I wasted a day flying around Sunday, but I spent a good chunk of it reading the galley for William Lychack's The Architect of Flowers, which is so good, I'm feeling a little sad about my own prose. That was a treat. (Watch for it in late March.) Lychack

And Tuesday was no big deal at all. It was the sense of feeling trapped and spinning in circles that got to mewondering when the hell it would end. It ended soon enough. And life is good here.

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