Thursday, December 2, 2010

Old bridge, new eyes

First time gazing at the George Washington Bridge after driving over it.

Changes everything.

First time on it was Monday before Thanksgiving, coming back from my first trip to the Catskills. Second and third times were the trip back, starting two days later.

First gaze was about an hour ago, at sunset.

That's the path along the Hudson,
in Riverside Park, near 72nd St. It's a block from my apartment, where I'm back writing again.

Watching it there, takes me back to the moment our car crested it: an amazing night view of Manhattan, as I returned to the city from the hills. Reminds me then and now of the miraculous city I get to live in. Millions of talented people streaming all around me, bustling about creating . . . amazing art and ideas. And down in midtown and Wall St, they are hopefully creating capital to run the whole system, when they're not mucking it up.

My iPhone seems to have turned it all into an Impressionist painting. Not what I expected. Or intended. But I love it.

I wasn't planning on taking any pictures. That never used to happen, until they built the camera into my phone. (And after they mobilized the phone and turned it into an everything.)

I just went out for a walk to clear my head and restart my story. It worked. The bridge helped.

Thank you . . .

@whomever is up there.

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