Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Introducing the Columbine Instructor Guide

The completely overhauled Columbine Instructor/Teacher's Guide is now up. It's free, and designed for college and high school Humanities courses. (Also see Columbine Student Guide, beta Columbine research site, Columbine intro video and Columbine book.)

The instructor guide started last year as a 3-page PDF for English classes. We saw such an outpouring of interest that we dreamed bigger and started over. After months of development, and great input from teachers, profs and students, we now offer this cross-curriculum guide in modular format.

The new online version is simplified with drop-down menus to quickly find what you need. A 50-page PDF is available for printing.

The guide supports either a whole-book or short-unit approach. For a short unit, each analytical writing exercise addresses a limited reading selection. Page numbers are provided.

Click for a complete list of courses supported. A summary:

    Education Awards:

    Teachers, principals and librarians considering the book may want to know that it was named to 22 Best of 2010 lists and won major awards, including the Edgar. Awards specific to education include:

    Skype / School Assemblies

    I continue skyping with schools, and doing in-person school assemblies. Info here.

    Columbine Video Series

     I created a set of Columbine videos for classroom discussion. Teachers report great success introducing the book with this 3-minute Columbine video:

    You might also consider Columbine as a $10 Christmas gift--or put it on your wish list.

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