Monday, December 27, 2010

I just saved 2,000 miles

In seven more hours, I try the Kafka trip back to NYC, part 2.

I was supposed to go via Dallas, starting at 6 a.m., which sounds like a long, gross way to get there from Chicago, but several American Airlines agents told me how lucky I was to have that seat.

At this point, people are ready to fly all the way around the world to the left to get to the city. The next option they are now offering me is on Saturday, the first of next year.

So I took it.

A few hours ago, they canceled the flight, but mysteriously squeezed me into a different one, direct to  LaGuardia. Yea!!!

Five hours less to get there, and I land in the right city, instead of New Jersey, so I won't have to hope Amtrak is working, too.

And it leaves ten minutes later, so I get a tiny bit more sleep. Which I'm going to attend to now.

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