Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy late Hanukkah. It went by so quickly

I've been meaning to post one of these pix for over a week.

It seemed like such a long holiday, I figured I had lots of time. And then, whoosh.

Like the rest of my life.

Happy late Hanukkah to everyone out there celebrating it. The plastic menorah is still lighting up my lobby, so I still consider it the holiday. Haha.

It's cool to live in a building/neighborhood that celebrates it. That's a first for me. I'm on on the Upper West Side now. (Sort of. Near Lincoln Center.) Not a lot of gayboys up here, but lots of Jews. And some kids. Interesting mix of people. And lots of them, all of which I love.

I have still not bought my plane tickets back to Chicago for Christmas either. I blame Bing. They feed my procrastination by continually telling me "Wait"—fares are dropping.

As much as I gag on Microsoft, I do love that feature on Bing. Plus, it remembers my dates and cities from the last time I searched. Those little things.

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