Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Patti Smith won the National Book Award!

Amazing. It'../../2010/11/why-i-love-patti-smith-rooting-for-you.html">Patti is right there at the top.

Full winners' list here. The photo was texted to me by my friend Dennis Grech, the lucky bastard who was there for Tom Wolfe. Look how happy Patti is.

(BTW, Amazon rank for big surprise fiction winner Jaimy Gordon's, Lord of Misrule: #322. Let's see what it is by morning. Not that anyone checks their amazon rank. haha.)

It was great 'watching' the ceremony by Twitter, but seriously, can't someone televise a single book awards show?

My favorite tweet of the night:

Holy shit Patti Smith is in tears. "please never abandon the book. There is nothing more beautiful than the material of the book."
(Various people had various versions of that quote.)

And Betsy Lerner, I have a big hug for you, too. I guess you can retire now. But please don't.

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