Monday, November 15, 2010

Word leaks: Talented writer to edit new Yahoo movie site

Yahoo is moving hard after the content market now. They bought Associated Content for $100 million this spring, and now they are grabbing professional writers and journalists to build entertainment sites.

Word leaked today that they hired New York Magazine writer Will Leitch as one of the editors for their new movie site. Will is a wonderful writer. Very perceptive guy.

He and I started writing online around the same time about ten years ago. I think I first noticed him at The Black Table, a terrific early web zine that eventually went under, but helped create what we know as the web today. (I was freelancing a lot for Salon back then.) Will also created the big sports site Deadspin along the way.

In a very weird coincidence, we both did our undergrads at University of Illinois, and learned much of our journo chops at The Daily Illini, though several years apart. He's much younger than me. I think he was actually editor in chief. I started a new futures section there.

Will has also been a great supporter of my career, and we stayed in touch by email over the years. I finally met him last year when he interviewed me about the release of Columbine for NY Magazine.)

Here's Will's announcement about the new gig this afternoon. And here's Ad Age's story about Yahoo's new ventures--including this one--and where they are headed.

The movie site has not launched yet, but in Will's hands, I expect it to be pretty cool. You will be hearing a lot more about it. And I'll let you know when it goes live.

It's sad watching much of the old media crumble, and scary as a person who makes my living in various parts of that world. But it's also exciting to watch the new world replacing it get off the ground. Keep watching people like Will.

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