Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day thanks, memories & photos, to gay and straight soldiers

Happy Veterans Day to everyone serving in the military right now, or earlier in your life.

I just had my old yearbooks from infantry training at Ft. Benning shipped here from storage in Denver, because I'm working on a story.

Man, those brought back a flood of memories. They make the day feel a lot more personal for me. I thought sharing them might for you, too, if you don't know anyone in the military.

(Can you pick out the stern-looking (past-and-) future writer as an acting corporal in 1983? I whittled it down to twelve choices for you, and hopefully you can narrow your search to the white males. Haha. My name might also be a clue, but that's probably too fuzzy to make  out.)

I never went to war, so I have a big thanks for everyone who did, or who is one now, or standing ready.

My heart is also with any of you gay men and women in service today, being forced by Congress to keep silent about who you are. That may end soon, though I know you've heard that way too many times before.

Hold on and keep up the faith. We know you're there, and we care about you. In the words of your commander in chief, in an only-slightly-different context, It Gets Better.

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