Monday, November 29, 2010

Columbine book: $10 Christmas gift

Any students, moms, teachers, cops, librarians or therapists on your list?

They have really embraced Columbine. Also: dads, lawyers, EMTs, firemen, detectives, profs, and school administrators. Or anyone who loves an absorbing read.

The paperback, with new material, is $10 at Amazon. The Strand ships autographed copies worldwide.

Sound dark for Christmas? People just want a great read—and something they would not have chosen. Will someone hesitating about the subject be happy you nudged them to discover an unexpected story?

You can now gift a kindle-book: it's $9.99. In physical stores, all Barnes & Nobles have it 20% off all year, because it won their Discover Award for best new nonfiction this year.

That's my completely shameless Columbine pitch. Don't be shy about passing it on. Haha. (Especially at book sites like Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing and Kindleboards.)

The intro video just passed 20,000 hits for the three months since we relaunched it. Thanks for all the links with anchor text Columbine shooting. They make a huge difference.

Also see: Columbine Student Guide, Columbine Teacher's Guide, Columbine Online research site.

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