Monday, November 8, 2010

Best Books Lists: A pattern Emerging Already

Publishers Weekly unveiled its 100 Best Books of 2010 list today, and the Top Ten is remarkably similar to Amazon's last week.

They share six of the same top ten titles:
Is that a record?
Book critics are notoriously divided in their opinions, and the sheer quantity of books published every year (is it 200,000?) makes that understandable.

But a real consensus seems to be emerging about some of those this year.

And I like it. Every one of those six I have either started reading, or am itching to.

And my special congrats again to Rebecca, and Patti, and the agent Patti and I share, Betsy Lerner, who helped shaped both our books

I also feel excited for and indebted to Laura Hillenbrand. Jon Karp edited Seabiscuit nearly a decade before editing my book, Columbine. He used Laura and Seabiscuit as a model for one crucial aspect of my book. (He likened my use of the killers' journals to Laura's races, believe it or not. Brilliantly.)

It really helped me crystallize how much to leave in, and how much more to cut. It also gave me the confidence that I was working with an extraordinary editor, who had helped wiser authors than me.

I'm so glad Laura is getting such accolades again on this book.

So. Looks like I have some reading to do.

(This news bumped the announcement of my Columbine Instructor/Teacher's Guide yet again. (And Columbine Online is in beta, coming soon.)

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