Tuesday, November 2, 2010

(500) Days of Summer

I finally got to (500) Days of Summer this weekend, and it's the best movie I've seen in quite awhile.

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are magnetic. I believed them both completely, and couldn't take my eyes off them. They are both going to be huge one of these days.

The direction by Marc Webb was also impressive. He's a creative guy, with a lot of cool touches I hadn't seen before. The future looks good for him.

Spoiler alert, just for this paragraph: My favorite scene came right after Joe finally slept with her. The way he walked out in the morning all bubbly and good with the world was all I expected and good enough. Then he started nodding at strangers and they smiled back, which could actually happen, and then one actually high-fived him, and by the end of the scene, they were all dancing in the street with the sweet bird of paradise fluttering in . . . haha. Often I would hate that kind of shit, but the way Marc eased into it was perfection. It gradually transformed from reality to Joe's vision of the world that morning. And it was clever and funny and beautiful to behold.

Great taste in music. I loved everything on the soundtrack. Watching Joe Karoke my favorite band, The Clash was priceless. (It was Stand By Me, a song that still brings me joy.)

I've admired Joe since 3rd Rock, where I think he was under-rated. He's a real find, and I think the public is slow in discovering him, but will get there.

He has a cool video website experiment called HitRecord.org, too. What a talented guy. He seems nice, too.

And I already loved Zooey for telling (People? magazine) that she loved my book Columbine. This is the first film I've seen her in, and now I'm much more proud.

You can see all three of them in this pic.


  1. My friend has a song in this movie. Her name is Meaghan Smith. I'm mega proud of her!

  2. Wow. How cool is that. Which song is it?

  3. I watched this movie a few weeks ago and I loved it, it's so refreshing to see a "different" movie for a change.

  4. silver, yeah, i found it really different, too. didn't feel like most films. refreshing.

  5. It's "Here Comes Your Man". She is from my hometown in Nova Scotia. She was recently signed by Warner

  6. Isn't that a Pixies song? Do you mean she covered it, and they used her cover for Zooey to lip sync to in the Karoke scene?

  7. I absolutely love this film, HitRECord and Ms Deschanel. Great minds think alike Sir!

  8. If you like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you should definitely go see Mysterious Skin (if you haven't already).
    You'll be blown away...

  9. I liked the structure of this movie...it was different and quirky. I really didn't like either of the main characters.

    This movie is HUGE with my 6th graders, especially the girls and I can understand why but it wasn't for me.