Tuesday, October 5, 2010

U Texas shooter's homework assignments leak out

It's interesting how modern technology can help reveal more about perpetrators even if they die in the act.

University of Texas has a service called “Blackboard” on their network, that allows students to share information with others in their class. And apparently the archives stick around, because some of Colton Tooley’s have gone digging back through last year's files and shared them with the campus paper, The Daily Texan.

Local TV station KVUE ran a story about the leak.

(Tooley was the math student who opened fire on campus with an AK-47 last week, but killed himself without hitting anyone else. Here's a recent Daily Texan story on information coming out about him from peers. )

So far, nothing too shocking has been released from the homework assignments, but I bet we'll learn a fair amount from them over time.

He worked on a research paper about gun control, which he said he developed an interest in after the shootings at Columbine and Virgina Tech. That's a little chilling.

That was a year ago, though, so no telling how prominent a role it actually played. If it was significant, we'll learn that in time.

Here's a bit of what he wrote.

“I’ve grown up in a household where my mother is absolutely appalled by guns and my dad grew up with them out in rural Oklahoma and sees them as an extraordinary part of life . . . I have also been to a few gun shows and learned what the people behind the counters, selling AR-15’s, Kalashnikovs, Berettas, etc. have to say on the issue, both by talking to them and by reading their T-shirts."

Here'../../2010/09/enough-school-shooters-time-to-face.html">school shooters and depression when this happened last week.

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