Monday, October 4, 2010

JK Rowling on Oprah: Giving me hope

I really liked the interview. JK seems very grounded for a celebrity billionaire. Authentic, too.

My favorite part was actually hearing that her first book tour was very hit or miss. That gives me comfort.

Usually, promotional events on my calendar turn out pretty well. Quite a few that I thought I was adding foolishly blew away all expectations—like Cosby High School outside of Richmond. I’m still in awe of what happened that day. 

(The pic is from a few minutes after. Eight hundred kids left the gym, but this group didn't want to go. They cornered me walking off the stage. So I sat down and answered more of their questions. More pix here.

And yet, it’s the total duds that I brace for every time. And there have been some flat out embarrassments. Those moments have kept me from saying yes to some iffy offers.

And time is a big issue, but I think I have to resign myself to some waste. If four out of five work well, the one wasted day out of five is just the price of getting the four, I guess.  

I think I’ll schedule a little more aggressively.

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