Thursday, October 21, 2010

A great newish MFA writing program--and their new lit mag is out

The fall issue of The Coachella Review is out.

It features
The review is put out by the Creative Writing MFA program at The University of California, Riverside—Palm Desert. (Damn, that's a mouthful.)

If you're thinking about an MFA--low residency or traditional--give them serious consideration. They are a new program that might not be on your radar, but they are very hot.

I did a guest resident author stint for three days this summer, and was wowed by them: the faculty, the students, and the program. (No, that's not me in the picture. Haha.)

They put a high priority on bringing in outside authors, an incredible list for just the last two years. (Jane Smiley was there the same week as me.)

Tod Goldberg runs the program, and he's extremely bright, energetic and well-connected, to get the talent there. It's not a program resting on its laurels.

They also have incredible West Coast faculty, including David Ulin. It helps to be close to a big city like LA.

(FYI, my new Columbine Online is in beta now, as is my Columbine Instructor Guide (Teacher's Guide) .)

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