Monday, October 11, 2010

3D can actually hurt a crappy film's business

This is really interesting, from this week's Box Office Guru.

He reports on Wes Craven's "My Soul to Keep" having a "dismal" opening weekend. Then:

Studios are now learning the flip side of the 3D industry which not long ago was a cash cow. With a mediocre film, audiences reject the 3D version since it is too expensive and reject the 2D version too as being an inferior product. 
 Very interesting. Studios saw 3D as a can't miss idea once it got big. If audiences weren't interested enough to pay for it, they'd go to the 2D version. But who wants to go to the crappy version of something that may well be crappy to start with? By offering it in 3D, that suddenly seems like it's intended as a 3D experience.

We'll soon learn more. Also quoting:

A marathon of extra-dimensional films (with higher ticket prices) is heading into theaters in the coming weeks including this Friday's Jackass 3D, Saw 3D right before Halloween, and the animated Megamind a week later. Hollywood is hoping that ticket buyers find these brands more worthy of their dollars.
 BTW, he reported a few days ago that the studio could not get the 3D version of Harry Potter ready for it's pre-Thanksgiving release, so it's going out in 2D. 

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