Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Odds posted for Nobels in books

It's almost time for the Nobels in literature to be announced, and a British bookmaker has laid down odds on who will win in the wide open field.

(The announcement date is always kept secret, but sometime in October.)

The New Yorker has a short but fun post about it.

A handful of Americans made the list: Joyce Carol Oates, Philip Roth, Thomas Pynchon, and Don DeLillo (yuck!).

None of my faves are there. Denis Johnson, please. 

Not likely.

Or better, my late, great mentor Lucia Berlin--a little-known treasure of American short stories.

In my dreams.

(BTW, who wrote that wikipedia entry on her? Haha. I know, but I can't say.)

Who would you like to see win it?

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